Mahesh Babu Chasing In London for Sukumar Movie

Mahesh Babu Chasing In London for Sukumar Movie:

Dookudu hangover is yet to be out of audiences' minds and that is the intensity of Mahesh's performance in that flick. As no other flick is able to make audience forget that, they say Mahesh himself is now trying to rewrite that with a new one.

Superstar Mahesh will be seen a stylish hero in the upcoming that is shaping up under the direction of Sukumar. Know as creative director who can play a lot with intelligent egos and brilliant montages, Sukumar is making sure of a new-age experience for audience in this flick. Mahesh will be seen in a 10 minute high octane chase sequence through the streets of London for this movie. Locations are already selected and VFX teams are also in place to plan for the adrenaline rushing chase.

How exciting it is to see a most romantic hero running through a most historical city chasing conmen? Mahesh fans should wait for the treat!

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