Brahmanandam Jaffa Movie Gets Huge Openings

Brahmanandam Jaffa Movie Gets Huge Openings:

Business circles of cinema believe that only a popular hero can bring great openings for a film. But our audience proved that even a popular comedian can get house full collections on the first day. Jaffa movie starring Brahmanandam was released on Friday without much publicity. Producers didn't promote the film at all, but the legendary comedian Brahmanandam on the poster and the attractive title pulled audiences to the theaters on the first morning itself. Most of the screens that screened Jaffa were ninety to hundred percent full on Friday morning.

Jaffa tickets were sold in black in few centers. 55 rupees tickets were sold for 100 to 120 rupees in few centers as per demand. This is not a mean feat for a movie starring senior comedian as the lead man. However, the reports of the film are not at all encouraging. Vennela Kishore directed this film and he has once again disappointed with a stupid script and silly direction. Audience that has seen his previous directorial venture Vennela 1.5 are blaming him for blowing up such a wonderful opportunity.

Despite the bad talk and negative reviews Jaffa should be a safe/profitable project for all those who invested in it. This film is made on a shoestring budget and with such a gigantic opening the costs will be recovered within the first week itself. No doubt, Jaffa is an awful film, but Brahmanandam's factor is helping it to make profits at the ticket windows.

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