Trisha Shocking Statement With Media

Trisha Shocking Talk With Media:

In south tinsel towns we have very few actresses who still made it to top even after crossing 30 years of age. But this actress is a top starlet before and right now sees herself as a fading stock.

She is none other Trisha. She revealed that she is not feeling bad for not doing many films as she is not getting offers. As the industry has already shown her a maximum by making her top and busiest heroine, she is not going to blame it now for the downfall. 'Things will happen like this for any heroine and I've to be happier now for what I've done in the past', says Trisha. Cine observers however say that this is a shocking talk from a top siren like her.

Usually fading beauties sticking around the tinsel towns to find some more offers, before they actually call it quits. But a philosophical talk like this might down the curtains immediately. Whatever it is, Trisha still has some stuff left in her and we have to see who will use it. 

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