Golden Jubilee Of Golden Film 'Lava Kusa'

Golden Jubilee Of Golden Film 'Lava Kusa':

One of those golden films that upped the pride of Telugu film makers and film industry to next level is none other than 'Lava Kusa'. Exactly 50 years ago on 29th March, 1963, this Telugu film released in theatres across India to create records.

Featuring legendary N T Ramarao and Anjali Devi as Lord Rama and holy Sita, Lava Kusa was the first Telugu film that used the Geva Color, a technology available much before Eastman colour. We should appreciate director C Pullaiah and his son CS Rao for bringing this epic story to life and giving an everlasting treat to Telugu audiences. During those days, a high budgeted film costs around 5-6 lakhs, but Lava Kusa was made with 30 lakhs in a span of three years after lots of financial tensions. Producer Shankar Reddy too deserves a pat on his shoulder.

Audiences were mesmerized by the beautiful sets and songs of the film and some striking performances from NTR, Anjali and the kids who played Lava and Kusa. Music scored by Ghantasala is another stunner, as all the songs in the movie are big hits and even played till today during many holy occasions. Vinudu Vinudu Ramayana Gaatha Vinudee, andSriraamuni Charithamunu Telipedamamma are quite popular songs.

Lava Kusa is the first film to run for more than a year at many theatres in state and people used to come in bunches from villages to watch the movie. It collected around 1 crore after 365 days run. After becoming a runaway hit, the movie was awarded Best Regional Film at National Awards and was screened at Jakarta and Moscow international film festivals in 1964 and 65.

Bottom Line: Lava Kusa is the story of a wife-husband, father and sons, mother and sons, teacher and disciples. It reflects the true life of holy Hindu culture. That is why Lava Kusa is an evergreen trademark flick.

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