Murli Sharma signs Deepak Tijori's film for just Rs 11!

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During the times when actors’ fees are touching the sky, Murli Sharma has signed Deepak Tijori’s next film for just R 11. Apparently both Murli and Tijori go back a long way in knowing each other.

A source close to them says, “Both of them have been very close friends since years. Murli, who was a struggling actor a decade ago, sought help from Deepak who gave him the role of a eunuch in his telly show Rishtey. It helped establish Murli as an actor, post which he appeared as a lead on another programme titled Dial 100.”

According to sources, Murli who was once a Navi Mumbai resident often slept over at Tijori’s Oshiwara office post late night shoots.

The source adds, “Naturally, when Deepak called Murli for his film, the actor refused to take money from him and settled for a sum of R 11 only.”

An indebted Murli further states, “Deepak is like my brother and it was payback time. He has always been there for me when I had no project and even gave me significant work. He has been there for me in every possible way, so how can I even think of charging any money from him?”

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