RP Patnaik's 'Thulasidhalam' is in its post production phase

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RP Patnaik's 'Thulasidhalam' is in its post production phase:

RP Patnaik, who has earned his name as a music director, has proved himself as an actor with 'Seenu Vaasanthi Lakshmi' and as a director with 'Broker' and 'Friends Book'.
The buzz however is that he is currently directing a horror movie based in Las Vegas now.

When asked more about the film the director confirmed, "Generally, horror movies are made mostly in darkness. But this movie will be very bright. Las Vegas is a very bright area compared to any other part in the world. So we have shooted the whole movie there. This is a very good love story and it takes a turning point due to a horrific problem. I am playing a Paranormal doctor in this movie and my character will be different compared to my previous films. The movie may be supposed to be made based on the 'Thulasidhalam' novel, watching the title. But the movie has no relation with that novel. But the movie contains an episode based on the murder of Sanvi in America. But the story doesn't revolve completely on that. The movie contains 5 songs and I have composed the music. The post production work is going on and we are planning to release the movie in May", he added.

Brahmanandham, Duvvasi Mohan, Anitha Chowdary, Deepak Ravella etc are the other cast.

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