Vinay to star in 'Rasputin'

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After the pivotal role of auto-rickshaw driver Suran in the recently released 'Shutter' which he perfected with his fine skills, Malayalam actor Vinay Fort will soon has a worthier followup. His new big movie will be 'Rasputin' ready to start the shoot this week. Directed by debutante Jinu G Daniel, Vinay Fort will have Sreenath Bhasi, and Ajuvarghese enjoying the lead roles.

Joy Mathew and Nandhu will also be seen in the cast of the movie. While Hari Nair is in charge of cinematography, Renganath Ravee is the sound designer. Sreeram Raja does the editing while Roby Abraham set the tunes.

Jinu G Daniel is a Mumbai based director,who have associated with people like Ramgopal varma,Amit saxena, Pamela rooks and Mahesh Dattani. Have a view of the first look poster of the movie.

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