Real eunuchs part of Kangna Ranaut's reel wedding

Real eunuchs part of Kangna Ranaut's reel wedding, Kangna Ranaut reel wedding, Director Vikas Bahl upcoming movie Queen, Kangna Ranaut Queen Movie, Kangna Ranaut Queen Movie FirstlookReal eunuchs part of Kangna Ranaut's reel wedding:

Director Vikas Bahl`s upcoming movie ‘Queen’ will see real eunuchs as part of a wedding scene.

When Bahl was shooting a wedding scene with lead actors Kangna Ranaut and Rajkumar Yadav, eunuchs in the nearby locality reportedly confused it with a real wedding.

According to a source, the group came and started dancing as they do at any wedding or celebration.

Bahl decided to involve them as part of the reel wedding. The assistant directors were sent to convince the group, who agreed to be part of the shoot.

‘Queen’ is about a woman, who goes alone on her honeymoon after her marriage falls apart.

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