Tamanna Complaint against Ajay Devgn

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Actress Tamanna is known for her outspoken nature. The actress never hesitates to speak her mind and never regrets on what she says. She has bagged the reputation as a straight forward lady in the industry.

Currently, she is busy promoting her new movie 'Himmatwala' that is slated for release this Friday. Here's an interesting update on what has happened during a promotional campaign of the film.

If reports are to be believed Tamanna has took actor Ajay Devgn by surprise when she openly complained on the smoking habit of the actor. We all know that Ajay is a chain smoker and this habit of the actor has been causing worries to our milk beauty as she is getting exposed to passive smoking. Hence, Tamanna has advised Ajay to quit smoking. Her words have come as a shocker to director Sajid Khan and to Ajay as well.

Usually, no one dares to comment or advice a star hero and that too on their personal habits but being a new bie in Bollywood Tammu should hold back her temper while talking to big stars, adds an insider. However, it is not known how Ajay has reacted to the actress but one thing is for sure, Tamanna should think twice while talking about her heroes and their personal habits.

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